Top Hollywood Directors Weigh in on Star Wars Episode 7

Top Hollywood Directors Weigh in on Star Wars Episode 7

Star Wars fans are everywhere. An article published by on October 31 proves it. EW interviewed some of the biggest names in Hollywood today, Damon Lidelof (LOST, Star Trek, Prometheus), John Favreau (Iron Man 1, 2, and 3), J.J. Abrams (LOST, Star Trek), George Nolfi (The Adjustment Bureau, The Borne Ultimatum), and Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Machete, Spy Kids) to get their thought on the Disney purchase of Lucasfilm Ltd., and the return of Star Wars to theaters with the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 7.

“All I can say is my heart literally started racing when I heard,” said Damon Lindleof, screenwriter for Prometheus.

George Nolfi, writer-director of The Adjustment Bureau, said the horizon will need to be bigger to handle the colossal project taking shape there. “I can’t imagine,” Nolfi said Tuesday night, “a larger event-film for our generation than a sequel to Return of the Jedi.”

“The idea of another trilogy that further shrouds the Force in mystery as its secrets are lost to time – that’s extremely compelling,” Favreau said. “I want so bad for it to be good. Can you imagine?”

Nolfi echoed similar feelings: “Star Wars literally defined ‘the magic of movies’ to me as a child. No other film had more impact on my subconscious desire to become a filmmaker.

Shawn Levy, director of Real Steel and the Night at the Museum films, also chimed in when reached Tuesday: “The Star Wars franchise is nothing short of a generational touchstone…I literally can’t think of any comparable cultural phenom that has so pervasively shaped and galvanized viewers to the extent that Star Wars has. It’s embedded in my — and our — cultural DNA in a unique way and these are enduring strands.”

Then there’s Star Trek franchise director J.J. Abrams, the transported Star Wars fan who once said his toughest Starfleet mission will be pulling the brand out of Lucas’ shadow. On Monday, he was so conflicted in his feelings about the news that veered into something close to Shatnerian syntax: “Part of me? Thrilled. Part of me? Terrified. Most of me? Thrillified.”

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