UFC Champion Frank Shamrock Book Signing at Barnes & Noble Mira Mesa – November 7

UFC Champion Frank Shamrock Book Signing at Barnes & Noble Mira Mesa – November 7

Frank “The Legend” Shamrock, the four-time undefeated UFC Middleweight champion and a Guinness World Record holder, was talking about his career and signing autographs at Barnes & Noble, Mira Mesa, CA, one of the stops for on his newly released autobiography Uncaged: My Life as a Champion MMA Fighter book tour.

A friend and I were in the area, waiting to see an advance IMAX midnight screening of Skyfall at the Edwards theater next door. We saw a poster at the store advertising the signing and decided to go check it out.

We went to the store about a quarter till seven, where the employees were setting up chairs and the books to be signed. There were a few others mulling around, waiting for the signing. I bought a copy of the book and received an autograph signing ticket. Frank Shamrock arrived on time, at 7 pm, and immediately engaged the audience (about 20 people or so at the time, with more coming in) with introductions.

He talked about his career as an MMA UFC fighter, as well as his past life going from the foster care system, to juvie, to a stint in jail. Those events prompted him to change his life around. He then went into body building and later became a professional championship UFC fighter.

He then talked about how the stress of the fights took a severe toll on him, almost to the point where he couldn’t move; and his struggles with scoliosis that cause him to loose a few inches in height.

Afterwards he opened up the talk to questions from the audience. Many people were asking him detailed questions about his fights, but others brought up questions about working out, or even on suggestions of how to become a UFC fighter.

He also brought and passed around his UFC Middleweight Championship belt which earned him a Guinness World Record for Fastest UFC Title Fight Victory by Submission in 16 seconds over Kevin Jackson at UFC Japan in Yokohama, Japan on December 21, 1997.

When the Q&A with the audience was over, they asked for anyone who wants an autograph to form a line. Frank took time to talk to everyone who had questions, and autographed other items that people brought as well, including dvd’s, magazine, photos, and gloves.

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