Timothy Zahn Star Wars: Scoundrels book Tour at San Diego’s Mysterious Galaxy

Timothy Zahn Star Wars: Scoundrels book Tour at San Diego’s Mysterious Galaxy

On January 12, I had a chance to see and get books autographed from legendary Star Wars author Timothy Zahn at San Diego’s Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore.

I arrived a bit late due to traffic, it was a packed house with people standing on the side, but I still managed to get a good seat in the front. Mr. Zahn was talking to the other guests and just started his presentation as I got my seat.

He first talked about some of his current work then went straight into Star Wars: Scoundrels, describing the development process of the books plot — a heist story influenced by the Ocean’s Eleven series and The Sting; and how he came up the newest characters, and had to retain the personalities of already established characters such as Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.

He also talked about the state and the future of the book industry. As well as the future of Star Wars with the recent Disney purchase of Lucasfilm and the green-light to produce the next Star Wars trilogy and beyond.

Below is a video of Timothy Zahn’s full presentation, filmed by my friend and reporter from ClubJade.net, James Floyd:

James has also written a nice piece about the presentation and signing, as well as an in depth write-up of the Q&A at the link below:


I brought two other Star Wars books written by Timothy Zahn with me, Allegiance and its sequel Choices of One, and bought a fresh copy of Scoundrels.

The signing line was already huge by the time I got there, people already pre-purchased their books before the presentation, but went fast. Mr. Zahn took his time to talk to everyone who had one on one questions from him and posed for pictured for anyone who wanted one.

I met up with a few people that I knew while waiting in line, and got to know others though them. My turn came up and I asked Mr. Zahn to personalize the books for me. I then let him know that The Thrawn Trilogy was one of my favorite Star Wars book series growing up; but I read them from the library and unfortunately didn’t have the books.

He autographed my books and asked me if I’ve read his other Mara Jade duology; Specter of the Past and Vision of the Future. I told him that I didn’t and he said that they have a few left over. I thanked him, and said that I will be back after buying the other books.

I bought the books, and went to the back of the line again. After waiting a bit more, Mr. Zahn autographed the two books for me, and I had my picture taken with him.

James also did an exclusive interview with Timothy Zahn after the presentation and signing:

More at ClubJade.net: http://clubjade.net/?p=45912

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